WordPress Web Design

We’ve worked with just about every content management system (CMS) and development platform out there. After years of testing and modifying, we decided to niche down and specialize in WordPress website development. We love WordPress because of the endless resources available to our clients, the robust customization possibilities, and the ease of management. It remains to this date the most popular platform for sites across the web both large and small, powering about 33% of all sites on the web! 

WordPress is an open-source CMS that is best known as a blogging platform. It can be configured to go far beyond “just blogging” with its wide feature set.

WordPress comes with a wide array of plugins from contact forms to image galleries to allow you to vary your content. With an emphasis on extensibility, its array of plugins allow you to integrate tools such as Google Analytics for tracking your site statistics, easy poll integration and RSS feeds to spread your message easier. It can be easily integrated with eCommerce and digital marketing. It also can be configured with a variety of  SEO plugins that help you to work on your keywords on your site to improve your search engine phrases. Pretty much the sky’s the limit. 

WordPress Development Features

WordPress websites are easy to update, depending on the amount of customization you typically don’t need to know any programming or HTML in order to update the content. We will make sure that you have the knowledge to edit the site when we hand it over to you.

When we develop and install your WordPress website it comes with the following great features:

  • A visual editor to make editing and maintaining your content a breeze. 
  • Access to pages for content changes. 
  • Google Analytics on your dashboard. 
  • An easy to use blog interface if requested. 

WordPress is an open-source platform so there is no cost for the software itself. We’ve invested in an array of expensive plugins that we include in most of our projects. We will include a premium or custom theme depending on your scope of work. 

NOTE: WordPress core updates must be made to protect against exploits. If you are hosting with us, we will update WordPress and Plugins for you monthly. If you are hosting with another provider you will need to make sure updates are being completed, or hire us for a monthly service. 

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